Feb. 23rd, 2016 09:20 pm
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So... yeah. First entry. Right now, I only have one icon, but eventually, I'll upload more. Most of them will likely be from my favorite forum, Trisphee, but a few won't be. Some might be pictures of me, and a few may even be plain text on a background.

I'm going to try and turn this into a daily journal, and I'll put stuff that's either super long or falls into my tendency to go into strongly opinionated, sometimes profanity-laced rants under a cut.

I tend to cuss like I breathe, especially when I'm upset about something. I also ramble a lot and tend to repeat myself, primarily when I'm excited about something or, again, when I'm upset. I have a memory like a colander, so sometimes, I forget what I've said and to whom.

I'm very much an introvert, an INFP to be exact. I'm happiest when I'm left to my own devices and am not expected to be a social creature. That being said, when I feel up to it, and am talking about something relevant to my interests, it's hard to get me to stop talking. But I guess it's cute or something, as my boyfriend enjoys my company whenever we get to see each other (We're in a long-distance relationship. He lives in California, I live in Iowa. We make it work. :3).

I like to wear hoodies, partially because they're comfortable, and partially because I get cold very easily, even in the middle of summer. I very rarely wear anything other than jeans or a long skirt with leggings underneath, a t-shirt (usually geeky in nature), and a hoodie. I've managed to work my love of hoodies into my love of costuming, with the concept of "Robot Hoodie September" or "RoHooSep" for short. Basically, it's taking a Transformer or other robot, and putting them in a hoodie that looks like their torso.

I love creating, and I do artwork and fanart. I'm also working on a comic, though it's currently on hiatus due to a few projects taking priority.

All in all, I'm an artist, and I'm of the mindset that if you treat me like you want to be treated, we'll get along fine.
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